1. Accurate and Honest Listings:

   - Sellers must provide accurate and detailed information about the reptiles they are selling, including species, age, sex (if known), size, health conditions and any unique traits or requirements.

   - Sellers must not misrepresent or exaggerate the characteristics of the reptiles in their listings.

2. Legal Compliance:

   - All reptiles listed for sale must be legal to sell and possess in the applicable jurisdiction. Sellers are responsible for ensuring compliance with local, national, and international laws.

   - Sellers must not list endangered or protected species unless they have the necessary permits and documentation.

3. No Prohibited Reptiles:

   - Sellers must not list venomous reptiles or other dangerous species that pose a significant risk to public safety, unless specifically permitted by law. If it is against the Law do not post it. 

   - Listings for reptiles with special handling or care requirements (e.g., large constrictor snakes) must include appropriate warnings and guidelines.

4. Clear Pricing and Terms:

   - Sellers must clearly state the price of the reptiles and any additional fees or shipping costs, if applicable.

   - Any special terms or conditions, such as payment methods, return policies, or health guarantees, should be clearly communicated in the listings.

5. Respectful and Professional Conduct:

   - Users must engage in respectful and professional communication. Harassment, offensive language, or any form of discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.

   - Users must not engage in fraudulent activities, such as scamming, price gouging, or knowingly selling sick or injured reptiles.

6. No Invasive Species:

   - Listings for reptiles must not include species that are invasive or pose a threat to local ecosystems. This helps prevent the spread of non-native species and protects the environment. Know the laws to where the animal is being shipped. Example. No Retics or Burmese shipped to Florida.

7. Health and Quarantine Practices:

   - Sellers should maintain proper husbandry and health standards for the reptiles they are selling, including appropriate feeding, housing, and hygiene practices.

   - Buyers are encouraged to quarantine new reptiles upon arrival to minimize the risk of introducing diseases or parasites to existing collections.

8. Responsible Ownership:

   - Buyers must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the care requirements for the reptiles they wish to purchase.

   - Sellers may request information about the buyer's experience, setup, and intentions to ensure that the reptile will be placed in a suitable and responsible home.

9. No Unlawful Activities:

   - Users must not engage in any activities that are illegal or unethical, such as smuggling, trading in protected species, or violating animal welfare laws.

10. Use of Images and Intellectual Property:

    - Users must not use copyrighted images or content without proper authorization.

    - Sellers should use their own images or obtain permission to use images from the appropriate sources